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As a nonprofit organization, WWF deeply values the trust that has been placed in us. Partners trust us to carry out joint projects; governments and private entities trust our science and ability to create solutions that serve nature and people; and donors trust us to use their funds to advance conservation. To safeguard this critical trust, WWF is committed to best practices in governance, accountability and transparency. This commitment exists at all levels of the organization.

Chairman Neville Isdell on Non-Profit Governance

“It takes true leadership to set forth a modern conservation path — one that leads to a future in which economic development can occur without losing nature’s value in the process.”

Carter Roberts President & CEO

Board of Directors

Board Policy Statement

Composed of leaders from the scientific, conservation and business communities, the WWF board of directors exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs and direction of World Wildlife Fund and provides advice and counsel on a broad range of policy and operational matters. The composition of the board, whose members are elected for three-year terms, is chosen to reflect a broad range of scientific and other expertise, with all members having a strong and demonstrated commitment to nature conservation. Board members observe and annually sign WWF's conflict of interest policy.

National Council

The National Council of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was established by a Board amendment to the Bylaws on September 18, 1984, as an advisory group to the Board. The Council is composed of distinguished scientific, business, political and philanthropic leaders from across the country. Council members form a national network to promote WWF’s conservation programs and help raise funds.

  • Co-chair

    Fabiola Arredondo

  • Co-chair

    Perk Perkins

  • Ashley Melisse Abess

  • Nancy Abraham

  • Denise Allen

  • Mary Barley

  • Eric Berman

  • Erik Blachford

  • Barbara Bowman

  • Antionette Brewster

  • Amanda Brotman-Schetritt

  • Virginia Busch

  • Nick Butcher

  • Kevin Butt

  • Lacy Caruthers

  • Bobbie Ceiley

  • Richard Chow

  • James Clark Jr.

  • Leslie Coolidge

  • Philippe Cousteau

  • Pamela Daley

  • Melissa Shackleton Dann

  • Santiago Dunn

  • Cynthia Eisenberg

  • Robert Evans

  • Gail Eyler

  • Jamee Field

  • John B. Ford

  • Lynn Foster

  • Abigail Field Gerry

  • Lloyd Gerry

  • Hanne Grantham

  • Jeremy Grantham

  • Katherine Eckert Grunder

  • Matthew Harris

  • Stephanie Field Harris

  • C. Wolcott Henry

  • Susan Cook Hoganson

  • Lixin Huang

  • J. Thomas Hurvis

  • James Iker

  • Susan Ing

  • Jeremy Jackson

  • Donald Kanak

  • Charles Katz Jr.

  • Anne Keiser

  • Robert King

  • William Lake

  • Frans Lanting

  • Nicholas Lapham

  • Wendy Lee

  • Thomas Lovejoy

  • Kevin Malone

  • Hugh McAllister Jr.

  • Laurie McBride

  • Bill McDowell

  • Thomas McInerney

  • Elisabeth Meeker

  • Jacqueline Morby

  • Jeffrey Morby

  • Jocelyn Nebenzahl

  • Kenneth Nebenzahl

  • Gilman Ordway

  • Julie Packard

  • Victor Parker

  • Anne Pattee

  • Kyle Philipp

  • Trent Philipp

  • Shari Sant Plummer

  • Singer Rankin

  • Elizabeth Reilly

  • Alison Richard

  • Marie Ridder

  • Rick Ridgeway

  • Emily Train Rowan

  • Elizabeth Sall

  • Virginia Sall

  • Vicki Sant

  • Julie Scardina

  • Alan Seelenfreund

  • Roque Sevilla

  • Susan Sherman

  • Brian Skerry

  • Craig Smith

  • Scott Smith

  • Sue Scott Stanley

  • Linda Stone

  • Judy Sturgis

  • Gregory Summe

  • C. Bowdoin Train

  • Aileen Train

  • Joel Treisman

  • Donald Wagoner

  • Karen Wagoner

  • Wes Wang

  • Judith Waterman

  • Robert H. Waterman Jr.

  • Loren Wengerd

  • David Wilcove

  • Edward O. Wilson

  • Justin Winters

  • Julie Ann Wrigley

  • Irene Wurtzel