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  • Date: 11 December 2013
  • Author: WWF

We’ve shared the same mission for several decades — to protect the world’s wild places and take you to see them. Now we’re sharing an avenue for telling you the stories of conservation and travel.

We’ve combined the storytelling power of the world’s top nature travel provider with the world’s leading conservation organization to tell you, in words, pictures and videos, about the top places in the world to visit and protect.

WWF and Nat Hab have worked together for more than a decade. The more we see how closely aligned our travel and conservation philosophies are, the stronger our ties get. On our new blog, you’ll read that in the words of Candice Gaukel Andrews, one of the top nature and conservation columnists in the country. You’ll see it in the photography of Brad Josephs, Eric Rock and Dave Luck, some of the best nature photographers in the world. You’ll understand the impassioned work of WWF scientists and researchers all over the world through the stories and interviews we share about them.

Run by a corps of former newspaper and magazine journalists, Good Nature Travel is the top go-to source for news, features and photography about conservation travel.

Visit our official travel blog and let us know what you think! 

  • Date: 24 November 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

Paul Hardy, director of strategic planning for WWF’s Latin America and Caribbean Program, will join our May Amazon River Cruise as a guest lecturer.

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  • Date: 18 November 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

Gorillas in the Wild: An Unforgettable Encounter
Presented by Natural Habitat Adventures
Tuesday, November 19th
3PM Eastern (12PM Pacific)
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To trek into the rainforest and sit with a family of wild gorillas, looking into the eyes of a huge silverback at close range, watching babies cling to their mothers, laughing at youngsters playing in the trees, is a life-changing experience for a wildlife lover. NHA expert guide Simon Stobbs presents an insider’s look at this once-in-a-lifetime nature encounter, highlighting our very special gorilla safaris based in Rwanda and Uganda.

Learn more about this trip here.

  • Date: 07 November 2013
  • Author: WWF

Over the course of four years—from 2010 to 2013— 441 new species were scientifically identified in the Amazon. The discoveries include a species of titi monkey that purrs like a cat and a new passion flower that sprouts spaghetti-like filaments from the center of the bloom.

Various scientists described the new species and WWF compiled the list of 258 plants, 84 fish, 58 amphibians, 22 reptiles, 18 birds, and one mammal.

The vast Amazon landscape spans eight countries and one in 10 known species on Earth lives there. Millions of species live here and most are still undescribed.

Here's a look at a selection of recent discoveries:

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  • Date: 17 October 2013
  • Author: Elissa Leibowitz Poma, WWF Travel

Tulio Ahuanari Sima remembers the size of the paiche his fisherman grandfather used to bring home after a day on the river: The tasty and dense Amazonian fish could grow to 11 feet and was so heavy that two or three men were needed to carry just one. A single fish fed several families.

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  • Date: 14 October 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

Wolves in the Wild: Adventures in Yellowstone
Presented by Natural Habitat Adventures
Tuesday, October 15 @ 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 12pm Pacific
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Our small-group winter wolf adventures in Yellowstone National Park offer the world’s best opportunity to sight these famously elusive creatures in their natural realm. Find out what it’s like to see wolves in the wild during this presentation by guide Jared Baecker, a renowned wolf guide and Yellowstone expert. Hear about our custom-outfitted vehicles built for wildlife viewing, in-depth itineraries designed to transport you into the heart of the wolf's world, and more!

Join WWF to see wolves in the wild.

  • Date: 30 September 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

The Magic of the Northern Lights
Presented by Natural Habitat Adventures
Tuesday, October 1 @ 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 12pm Pacific
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Join veteran NHA guide Melissa Scott for a magical presentation on one of the world’s greatest phenomena! The ethereal northern lights are a truly breathtaking experience in the world of adventure travel. Our trips take us to the Canadian outpost of Churchill, where some of the planet’s heaviest concentrations of aurora borealis activity occur. We are especially excited to share this presentation with you because 2014 is slated to be the most aurora-active period in years!

Join WWF to see the northern lights.

  • Date: 27 September 2013
  • Author: Tania Segura, WWF Travel

World Tourism Day (WTD) is an international celebration that celebrates the unique way sustainable tourism is able to benefit both the environment and local communities.

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  • Date: 16 September 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

Botswana’s Green Season: Kalahari, Delta & Beyond
Presented by Natural Habitat Adventures
Tuesday, September 17 @ 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 12pm Pacific
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Experiencing the Kalahari Desert and Botswana’s sprawling Okavango Delta in the heart of the green season is a distinctive nature adventure in its own right. But to do it the way we do—maximizing seclusion and wildlife encounters in remote areas—takes this safari to a whole different level.

Join WWF to experience the desert's greatest wildlife season.

  • Date: 31 July 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

They serve under various titles—rangers, forest guards, eco guard and field enforcement officers—but these men and women on the frontlines of conservation are perhaps the most important protectors of the world’s natural and cultural treasures.

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