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Rebecca Ng

Senior Program Officer, Greater Mekong

Rebecca Ng
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After exploring several career paths (including short stints as a researcher on an arctic military base, a teacher at an outdoor education center, and a toxicology lab technician), Rebecca finally realized that she wanted to be  part of a global community that helped make connections between nature and policy.

She joined WWF in 2005, working with the Freshwater Science Program, managing a global freshwater fish database. In 2008, she transitioned to the Greater Mekong Program and since then has promoted the coordination of conservation strategies and activities between WWF-US and field-based staff, led the development of successful funding proposals, and evaluated program effectiveness. She also has developed and articulated local-to-global initiatives to address large scale threats—including unsustainable infrastructure development, illegal timber and wildlife trade, and climate change—all of which are threatening the Mekong Region’s biodiversity and livelihoods. As Senior Program Officer for the Greater Mekong Program, Rebecca leads program engagement, communication, and monitoring and evaluation with interdisciplinary teams, government agencies, institutions, conservation organizations, academia, businesses and media.

Prior to joining WWF Rebecca worked with Project Seahorse, a marine conservation organization, examining the effectiveness of a minimum size limit in seahorse trade. She established an international network of Traditional Chinese Medicine traders, researchers and government representatives in Hong Kong, Taiwan and British Columbia.

“The Mekong has what everybody else wants: a teeming river of life, vibrant forests and fertile plains that supports millions of people. My work in the region has shown me the importance of local to global action and how we are all connected to each other.”

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Senior Program Officer


MSc - Freshwater Ecology, McGill University

BSc - Environmental Science, Ecology Specialization, University of Waterloo

Areas of Expertise

  • Freshwater fish
  • Large scale program design, implementation and monitoring
  • Database design, development and management

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