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Urs Hölzle

Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure, Google

Urs  Hölzle
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Urs Hölzle is Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure at Google.

In this capacity, Urs oversees the design and operation of the servers, networks, and data centers that power Google's services. Through efficiency innovations, Urs and his team have reduced the energy used by Google data centers to less than 50% of the industry average.

In addition, Urs manages many of Google's other green initiatives and oversees the company's involvement with the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, which Google co-founded with Intel and WWF. Urs grew up in Switzerland -- selling WWF stamps to raise money! -- and received a master's degree in computer science from ETH Zurich and a Ph.D. from Stanford.

During the 1990s, Urs invented fundamental techniques used in most of today's Java compilers and taught computer science at the University of California, Santa Barbara.