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Earth Overshoot Day: August 20

In less than nine months, we used more natural resources than what it takes the planet 12 months to produce. For the remainder of 2013, we will be living on resources borrowed from future generations.

This year—Earth Overshoot Day—the approximate date human resource demands exceed nature's budget—fell on August 20. Two days earlier than last year. In fact, since 2001, Overshoot Day has moved ahead by an average of 3 days per year.

And by 2050, the global population is expected to reach 9 billion—only increasing pressure on Earth's natural resources. On this finite planet, we need to change the way we think about everything, but especially about where and how we live, work and travel, along with what and how much we consume.

Overshoot Day is a bold indication that now is the time to make a change. Small actions can make a big difference. We each play an important role in creating a world where we all live within our ecological limits.

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