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Partners in Conservation Events

Thank you for being a WWF Partner in Conservation. Because of your exceptional commitment to our work, you enjoy special privileges. These include access to WWF experts, updates on the impacts your gifts have on our conservation goals, and opportunities to network and connect with other members of the Partners in Conservation community.

We are hosting a series of events that will allow you to interact with organizational leadership, conservation program staff and scientists, and your fellow Partners in Conservation. We send mailed invitations to those of you who live in close proximity to these cities, but all our Partners are invited to join us for any of the dates listed below, should you happen to be travelling for business or vacation. For event details, please email us at or call 888-993-1100.

Upcoming Events

Namibia and Kaza: Conservation Without Borders

Austin, TX
Tuesday, September 16
Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Parrish, Senior Director for Conservation Resources

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Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN

New York, NY

Fairfield County, CT

Virtual Events

Please also join us at exclusive virtual events with expert speakers on a range of topics. Look for invitations in the mail and in your email inbox.

Up next:

Protecting the Amazon for Life

Meg Symington

With Meg Symington Managing Director, Amazon
September 11, 2014, 7:00 PM ET

The Amazon is a vast region, containing half of the planet’s remaining tropical forests. It is also home to more than 30 million people along with magnificent wildlife such as jaguars, river dolphins and macaws. There is a clear link between the health of the Amazon and the health of our planet. Along with its incredible biodiversity—one in ten known species on Earth lives there—the rain forest stabilizes local and global climate.

Join Meg Symington to learn about this living landscape, WWF’s long-standing commitment to the region and how your support helped us broker one of the biggest conservation wins in history: a deal to permanently secure the world’s largest network of tropical forest protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon.

You may also watch recordings of past presentations here.

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