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Powering Businesses on Renewable Energy

For the largest corporations in the United States, renewable energy is becoming business as usual. This is as good news for the bottom line as it is for our planet. In fact, nearly half of the largest companies in the U.S. are already capturing significant business value by cutting emissions and using clean forms of energy to power their operations.

WWF is working with businesses to set strong goals that result in billions of kilowatt hours of renewable energy demand, track progress meeting those goals, and map solutions that can help renewable energy buyers and their energy providers meet that demand as fast as possible.

Looking to the future, all companies – whether they are setting next generation targets or just setting them for the first time – will need to align their business strategy to the realities of climate science, all while seizing the financial opportunity these goals can unleash.

Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles: Increasing Access to Renewable Energy

Businesses are actively and successfully adding renewable energy to their own facilities and increasingly entering into contracts to buy or invest in offsite renewable energy. Even though cost-effective project opportunities currently exist, with billions of kilowatt hours still needed to meet their renewable energy goals, businesses face a variety of challenges accessing cost-effective projects on favorable terms.

The Buyers’ Principles frame the challenges and the needs of large renewable energy buyers. The principles are intended to help facilitate progress on these challenges and to add the corporate buyer perspective to discussions underway across the country on the future of our energy and electricity system.

Power Forward 2.0: How American Companies Are Setting Clean Energy Targets and Capturing Greater Business Value

A new report from WWF, Ceres, Calvert Investments and David Gardiner and Associates finds that, 43 percent, or 215 of the companies in the Fortune 500 have set climate and/or clean energy targets.

This is the next report in the series after: Power Forward Why the World's Largest Companies Are Investing In Renewable Energy. This expands the analysis of corporate climate and clean energy goals from the Fortune 100 to the Fortune 500.

The report documents how sectors compare in setting targets, how the Fortune 100 are doing in meeting their targets since the last report, and lays our recommendations for companies, investors, the electric sector and policymakers to enable more companies to grow their climate and clean energy efforts.