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North Pole Voyage

  • Travel aboard the most powerful and sophisticated icebreaker ever built.

  • Flags flutter atop the perpetual ice at 90 degrees north latitude.

  • Look out off the ship's deck with our on-board ornithologist to identify birds on the wing.

Boarding our icebreaker in Murmansk, Russia, we’ll venture northward to the ultimate expedition prize: the North Pole. From the comfort of our uniquely outfitted vessel, we plan a landing at Russia’s Franz Joseph Land, watching for whales, polar bears and other wildlife en route, and, ultimately reach the extraordinary destination at 90°N—truly the top of the world! This thrilling North Pole expedition is made possible by our unique ship and a specially designed helicopter which allows us to view the pack ice from a rare and beautiful vantage point.

  • Experience the thrill of literally standing on top of the world
  • Travel aboard the most powerful and sophisticated icebreaker ever built
  • Revel in the unparalleled views afforded by helicopter flights over the ice

50 Years of Victory

50 years of victory ship north pole landscape TRAVEL ONLY

50 Years of Victory is the largest, most sophisticated, and most powerful icebreaker ever constructed.

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