A man walks along the beach, next to an old plastic bottle and trash Greg Armfield / WWF-UK

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Discover World Wildlife Fund on the ground, around the world, making a difference for people and the planet.

Who we are

Our mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

Our impact

We collaborate with local communities to conserve the natural resources we all depend on and build a future in which people and nature thrive. Together with partners at all levels, we transform markets and policies toward sustainability, tackle the threats driving the climate crisis, and protect and restore wildlife and their habitats.

  • 350 cities and counties commit to climate goals

    More than 350 cities and counties have joined with WWF, its partners, and other leaders for America Is All In, a coalition committed to reducing emissions by 50% by 2030

  • 3,600 grants for conservation leadership

    WWF's Russell E. Train Education for Nature program has provided 3,600 grants to individuals and organizations.

  • 5 million members worldwide

    We have more than 5 million members globally, with 1.3 million in the U.S. alone.

Forest restoration workshop participants review data Eli Wittum

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Our goals

Recognizing that the problems facing our planet are increasingly more complex and urgent, WWF focuses its work on six ambitious goals. Through this integrative approach, we can challenge the planet’s greatest threats and ensure a healthy future for people and nature.

How we work

As the world’s leading conservation organization, we work in nearly 100 countries to tackle the most critical issues at the intersection of nature, people, and climate.




People walk on a built walkway through a wet area of the Sundarbans naturepl.com / Enrique Lopez-Tapia / WWF
Grabovica artificial lake (Neretva river), Bosnia and Herzegovina Michel Gunther / WWF

Sustainable infrastructure

Strategic and sustainable development that provides for humanity's needs and allows nature to thrive

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Traditional tea ceremony at Happy Farmhouse Initiative and rural water security in the Yangtze River Basin, China Audra Melton / The Coca-Cola Company / WWF

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