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Slideshow: 441 New Amazon Species Discovered Since 2010

  • Date: 07 November 2013
  • Author: WWF

Over the course of four years—from 2010 to 2013— 441 new species were scientifically identified in the Amazon. The discoveries include a species of titi monkey that purrs like a cat and a new passion flower that sprouts spaghetti-like filaments from the center of the bloom.

Various scientists described the new species and WWF compiled the list of 258 plants, 84 fish, 58 amphibians, 22 reptiles, 18 birds, and one mammal.

The vast Amazon landscape spans eight countries and one in 10 known species on Earth lives there. Millions of species live here and most are still undescribed.

Here's a look at a selection of recent discoveries:

  • new amazon monkey

    Callicebus caquetensis

    This new species of titi monkey is one of about 20 species of titi monkeys living in the Amazon basin. This particular critter purrs like a cat.

  • new amazon plant

    Sobralia imavieirae

    This new orchid species is from Roraima in the Brazilian Amazon.

  • new amazon fish

    Tometes camunani

    This herbivore piranha is found in the upper drainages of the rio Trombetas basin in Brazil.

  • new amazon lizard

    Cercosaura hypnoides

    This flame-patterned and elusive lizard was described from the hatchlings of eggs collected by scientists in the Colombian Amazon.

  • new amazon plant

    Passiflora longifilamentosa

    This new species of passion flower—evergreen climbers that sprout flowers and brightly colored fruits—was found in the Brazilian state of Para. Quirky corona filaments that resemble spaghetti burst out of the flower's center.

  • new Amazon fish

    Dicrossus warzeli

    This spotted fish is named after Frank Martin Warzel, a German aquarist who observed the creature's behavior, including reproduction, in Brazil and Colombia.

  • new Amazon snake

    Chironius challenger

    Discoveries of snakes in Tepuis, the flat-topped mountains of the northern Amazon, have been far and few between, but this brightly colored snake was found at 1,500 meters of elevation.

  • new amazon fish

    Apistogramma cinilabra

    © Uwe RimerApistogramma cinilabra

    This little swimmer is potentially endangered, and of the cichlid family.

  • new amazon lizard

    Gonatodes timidus

    This species of lizard was discovered in the part of the Amazon that extends into Guyana. The surface of the lizard's head is black with bluish-white to vivid yellow irregular stripes and blotches. Despite the distinct coloring, the new species avoids being seen by escaping between rocks.

  • new amazon species

    Potamotrygon tatianae

    This river stingray species is known only from the Río Madre de Díos in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • amazon frog

    Allobates amissibilis

    This amphibian is believed to be highly endangered. It is now the third Allobates species found in Guyana.


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