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The Places You'll Go: Gallon Jug Estate

  • Date: 17 February 2012
  • Author: Marsea Nelson, WWF Travel

Where: Northwest Belize. Gallon Jug is a private estate located within the heart of La Selva Maya, the largest contiguous rain forest north of the Amazon.

What’s there: All five Latin American cats—jaguar, puma, ocelot, margay and jaguarondi; 350 bird species; apir, peccary, red brocket deer,  coatimundi, tayra, agouti and kinkajou.

Why it’s notable: No hunting has occurred on the estate for more than 20 years, so you may see species that have vanished elsewhere, including large birds like the crested guan and great curassow.

How you’ll get there: On our Ultimate Belize Safari, we take a 30-minute flight from the Hidden Valley to the Chan Chich air strip. From there it’s a 30-minute drive on unpaved roads to the property.

Keep your eyes peeled for: The elusive jaguar. It’s spotted here about once a week, a record unmatched elsewhere.

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