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Top Shot: Madagascar

  • Date: 08 March 2011
  • Author: Shaun Martin, Managing Director, Conservation Leadership and Capacity Building

"My love of photography is almost as great as my passion for conservation. As many photographers will tell you, spotting wildlife and getting a great shot in a tropical rain forest is exceedingly difficult, as I have found many times myself.

"But Madagascar is a nature photographer's dream! Wildlife is everywhere and amazing creatures seem to almost go out of their way to greet and pose for you. That was the case with this diademed sifaka, one of the many lemur species endemic to Madagascar. 

"My WWF colleagues and I were walking along a dirt road in Mantadia National Park, when just 30 meters ahead we spotted this beautiful primate leisurely feeding in a tree on the side of the road. We stopped dead in our tracks and I began to take photos like mad before it had the chance to disappear into the thick forest. Much to my surprise, however, it stayed put. We slowly approached the sifaka until we were just 10 feet away. It remained calm, very aware of our presence but undisturbed.

"I shot 89 photos before we decided to leave the sifaka to its afternoon meal. This image was my favorite."

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