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Top Shots: Luck or Skill?

  • Date: 17 March 2013
  • Author: Maddi Higgins, WWF Travel

Photography is a craft that takes time to perfect. Not being a photographer myself, I admire the skill and patience of great photographers. Getting the perfect photo is a combination of skill and timing.

We've compiled a collection of photos where expert craft and lucky circumstance combined to create the perfect shot while traveling with WWF.

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    This tiger caused an exciting traffic jam in India.

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    I'm not sure who is luckier: the photographer getting up close and personal with a gentoo penguin or the person who snapped this funny photo in Antarctica.

  • Polar bear jumping on ice

    While seeing a polar bear in Norway is not unusual, the photographer captured this shot just in time.

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    This photographer was lucky enough to see this sea turtle hatch in Mexico.

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    You have to keep your camera at the ready in Alaska. You never know what may jump into the frame.

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    This photographer was lucky enough to stumble upon lion cubs in Kenya.

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    This sifaka looks like it's ready to duel. If you're lucky you can see these creatures in Madagascar


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