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Webinar: Conserving Polar Bears in the Arctic & Travel Oppportunities

  • Date: 27 June 2013
  • Author: WWF Travel

The WWF Travel Program teamed up with Natural Habitat Adventures to bring our audience a special webinar to inspire travel and educate anyone within an interest in polar bears.

In this webinar, Managing Director of WWF's Species Conservation Program, Dr. Sybille Klenzendorf, discusses the importance of polar bear conservation work and what WWF is doing to address threats to their population and habitat. Afterwards, listen to naturalist, Eric Rock discuss the travel experience in Churchill, Manitoba, aptly named the "Polar Bear Capital of the World."

If you're unable to listen through the whole webinar, use the webinar highlights we've put together below to listen in on the topics that most interest you.

 Webinar Highlights

WWF Manging Director, Species Conservation, Dr. Sybille Klenzendorf
3:06  Dr. Klenzendorf disccuses background issues related to polar bear conservation
5:45  What's a flagship species?
5:46 - 6:12  What is a polar bear?
6:29 - 8:20  Status of the polar bear
8:20 - 9:14  Primary threats to polar bears
9:15 - 10:18  Retreating Sea Ice
10:19 -10:55  Human-Bear Conflict
10:56 -11:23  How thin is the sea ice?
11:24 - 12:30  Conservation strategies based on their populations
12:31-13:22  WWF fills polar bear knowledge gaps
13:23 - 13:59  Radio colloared polar bears in Russia (Chuchki Sea)
14:00 - 15:00  Rapid oil & gas development. We are unprepared to clean up an oil spill in the Arctic should it happen
15:01 - 15:51  Research helps to determine shipping lanes through the Bering Strait
15:52  Human-bear conflict
17:14  Northern Russia establishing community patrols
17:50  The Last Ice Area
18:33  Arctic Home Campaign with Coca-Cola
18:57  How you can help

Natural Habitat Adventures' Staff Naturalist, Eric Rock
21:15  Travel experiences with polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
23:42 - 24:35  Historical importance of Churchill
30:37 - 31:10  Best season to view polar bears
31:10 - 31:58 What do polar bears do while waiting for sea ice to form?
31:50  Polar bear behavior
33:00  Local citizens take precautions to avoid human-bear conflict
34:25  What is a polar bear holding facility?
36:17  Hunting season for polar bears
36:18  The Arctic tundra and the species that call it home
39:00  Travel opportunities in Churchill
44:16  Polar Bear Adventure Sweepstakes
47:34  Q-and-A

Travel to see Polar Bears with WWF


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