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View of the US Capitol Building from the National Mall showing a statue of a person on a horse and the big white building in the background on a sunny day

Bringing the Nature Agenda to Congress

  • Date: 04 April 2023

This time of year marks the beginning of the annual appropriations process in Congress. That’s the months-long process through which Congress determines how much money it’s going to allocate for a wide array of federal programs – including those that support global conservation efforts. That’s why, every March, WWF asks our national network of supporters to consider joining us for a day of advocacy on Capitol Hill. It’s an opportunity to meet in-person with Members of Congress and their staff, and to let them know why funding for global conservation is important.



On this episode you’ll hear from Sara Thomas, WWF’s senior director for integrated marketing and activism, about why WWF began holding this annual “Lobby Day” and what it’s achieved over the years (1:45). Then you’ll hear from two WWF champions who joined us in DC for this year’s event: Lindsey Coffey and Carlo Treviso. Lindsey and Carlo will talk about what motivated them to become advocates for nature (14:42), and what they’ll remember from their day on Capitol Hill (29:06).

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