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Extrapolations: Apple TV+ Tackles Climate Change

  • Date: 11 April 2023

Last month Apple TV+ launched a new show called Extrapolations, which portrays a variety of scenarios that could play out in the coming decades if we fail to address climate change.



In this special two-part episode, you'll hear first from three people involved in making the show: Scott Z. Burns, the creator and executive producer of Extrapolations; Dorothy Fortenberry, another of the show’s executive producers; and Matthew Rhys, one of the actors starring in the show. They’ll talk about why they chose to tackle the topic of climate change through a scripted drama (1:37), and what they hope the show will inspire viewers to do (15:56). Then, in Part 2, you'll hear a discussion with Marcene Mitchell, Nikhil Advani, and Anita Van Breda from WWF’s Climate team about some of the specific scenarios portrayed in the show, how likely those scenarios actually are, and what the world needs to do to prevent them from becoming a reality (22:12).



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