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Food Waste is a Climate Issue

  • Date: 20 February 2024

Food waste is a major contributor to the climate and nature crises. And food date labels are fueling the problem. Right now consumers might see upwards of 50 different terms used on food items: Use By, Sell By, Best By, etc. Confusion caused by this patchwork of terms leads many people to simply throw out food that may still be perfectly good to eat. Congress could help by passing the Food Date Labeling Act (FDLA), which would establish a simple, nationwide framework focused on just two terms: “Best If Used By,” or “Use By.” The bill would also provide clear guidance to consumers about how to interpret those terms.



In this episode of the podcast you’ll hear from Pete Pearson, WWF’s Senior Director for Food Loss and Waste. Pete talks about just how big the problem of food waste is, how food date labeling plays into it, and how the FDLA and other federal policy actions could help.



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