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How Can The Post Office Prevent Food Waste?

  • Date: 11 July 2023

What’s the best thing you ever received in the mail? Maybe a college admission letter or a card from a loved one? Well, what if you could add farm-fresh vegetables to that short list of favorite deliveries? WWF is piloting a new program to help farmers deliver produce directly to people’s doors through the US Postal Service. It’s called Farmers Post. The goal of the program is to reduce food waste by connecting farmers directly with consumers to sell produce that might otherwise go unused. It’s currently being piloted in Connecticut via Healthy PlanEat, and it will soon come to the Virginia area via 4P Foods.



In this episode, Julia Kurnik from WWF’s Markets Institute talks about how she and her colleagues came up with the idea for this program (2:10), how it’s going so far (7:05), and when more people across the US might be able to get fresh foods delivered to their own front doors (21:40).



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