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View of Colombian Amazon rainforest canopy and blue sky

Why We Should Care About The Amazon Rain Forest

  • Date: 05 September 2023

September 5 is World Amazon Day, and we’re celebrating with an episode about the many things that make the Amazon rain forest so special. For example, did you know that the Amazon is the largest rain forest in the world? It covers an area nearly the size of the entire continental United States, and it’s home to about one in 10 known species on Earth. It also helps stabilize the local and global climate. But it also faces challenges from deforestation, climate change, and more. 



In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Meg Symington, WWF’s vice president for the Amazon. Meg talks about how she first fell in love with the rain forest (2:30), why the Amazon matters so much to both local communities and the world at large (4:18), the many threats it faces (7:00), and what solutions are needed to keep it intact for future generations (13:27). Later, for our Supporters Sound Off segment, you’ll hear from Marianne Spindel, a WWF Hero from Florida, about what inspires her passion for nature (24:55).



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