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Coca-Cola and WWF Release 2013 Annual Review

  • Date: 09 July 2014

Celebrating an Anniversary with Progress for the Planet


One year ago, WWF renewed our partnership with The Coca-Cola Company through 2020. We expanded our collaboration to more deeply engage across the Company’s value chain; involve additional partners to achieve greater scale and impact; and spark commitments from businesses, governments, and consumers to take action to value, conserve, and protect the planet’s natural resources, with a focus on fresh water. Together, we are trying to address the natural resource challenges that impact fresh water.

Today, we launch our 2013 Annual Review. For us, it’s more than a tool to share our progress with the world; it’s a compilation of stories and results that will help us learn how we can do more, and do better, together.

Download our Partnership 2013 Annual Review (Interactive PDF)
Download our Partnership 2013 Annual Review (Basic PDF)

“When work is underway, we recognize progress occurring. However, it isn’t until a collaborative report is created that we truly realize its extent. The report reinforces our strong belief in the power of partnership to deliver results that benefit our planet.”

Greg Koch
Global Water Stewardship Director, The Coca-Cola Company
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    The Partnership is about improving the whole basin and beyond – from mountain ridge to ocean reef.

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    We are helping ensure healthy, resilient freshwater basins in 11 key regions.

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    We are improving the environmental performance across the Company’s value chain.

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    We are integrating the value of nature into public and private decision-making processes.

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    We are convening influential partners and catalyzing action to solve global environmental challenges.

See for yourself. Download the report to be transported by stories to the:

  • Mesoamerican Reef, where we’re tackling freshwater issues from ridge-to-reef, protecting fresh water at its source, through agriculture and communities, to where it drains into the sea
  • Yangtze basin, where we’re bringing together public, private and civil sector partners to save a “singing river”
  • Rio Grande/Rio Bravo, where a binational effort to remove invasive species is protecting fresh water for people and nature
  • China’s Amur-Heilong, where empowering farmers improves their livelihoods, restores wetlands, and increases corn yields—a key ingredient in The Coca-Cola Company’s value chain and a commodity that impacts the areas WWF cares about most
  • Forests of Brazil, where putting a price tag on nature may help make the case for certified sustainable sugarcane
  • Europe’s longest river, the Danube, where local WWF offices and Company partners are joining forces to protect fresh water beyond the global partnership’s 11 core basins

“We know we can’t solve these challenges alone, so we are collaborating across borders and sectors with partners from government, multilateral institutions, academia, industry and civil society. This year’s Annual Review highlights real-world examples of these local collaborations around the globe.”

Suzanne Apple
Senior Vice President of Private Sector Engagement, WWF


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