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Verizon goes dark for Earth Hour

Earth Hour: One Hour of Inspiration for Families and Businesses

  • Date: 25 March 2015
  • Author: Amy Ridener, Manager of Sustainability, Verizon

On March 28th you can be part of Earth Hour, a worldwide project organized by World Wildlife Fund. On that day, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time, Earth Hour will bring together families, businesses, government leaders and others to turn off all nonessential lighting for one hour as a statement of collective concern about climate change.

As an example of how business can get involved, Verizon encourages a “work green, live green” employee culture, and helps to enroll thousands of employees to participate in Earth Hour. For the sixth year, Verizon will darken millions of square feet in hundreds of its buildings around the world in honor of Earth Hour. Last year, over 5,200 Verizon employees pledged to participate at their residences by turning off their lights for an hour. For every employee who signs up to participate from home, Verizon will honor that participation by planting a tree, helping an endangered animal or giving out free energy-saving kits.

Here is an infographic of how Verizon encourages Earth Day participation:

Throughout the year, Verizon works diligently to reduce its environmental impact. In fact, since 2009 Verizon has reduced its carbon intensity by nearly 40 percent, which is well on our way to our goal of a 50 percent reduction by 2020. With investments in green energy; community recycling rallies; conservation of energy, paper and water; and our public commitment to direct over half of our spending to suppliers that have public greenhouse gas-reduction goals, Verizon is going “beyond the hour” to do our part.

In 2013, Verizon was one of the first companies to sign on to the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge program, which encourages business to install electric vehicle charging stations for employees. To date, Verizon has 44 ports installed or in production in eight states, including NJ, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia, California, Oklahoma, Florida and Maryland. The DOE commitment will continue to drive new success into our history of installing electric vehicle stations for our employees and/or customers.

On March 28, we should take advantage of the opportunity to come together as one big family of the Earth to make a difference. Every small action goes a long way, and this one hour is an inspiration for action every hour of every day throughout the year. Let’s all unite to remember that we, as responsible citizens of the Earth, respect our home and the future home of our children.

Pledge your participation today.
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