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GreenBiz 18 Preview: WWF Experts on Business and Sustainability

  • Date: 01 February 2018

The annual GreenBiz forum is just around the corner, marking the first major opportunity in 2018 for leaders across industry to come together and talk sustainability. Brainstorming innovative solutions that are good for business while protecting our planet is a top priority for WWF. At GreenBiz18, our WWF experts will be on stage discussing sustainability in business through a variety of lenses. Here’s a preview of who you’ll see and what you’ll hear from WWF:

Sheila Bonini (002)

Sheila Bonini, Senior Vice President, Private Sector Engagement

What are you most excited to talk about at GreenBiz18?

I am excited to share the power of bold ambition on the part of business to help solve some of the world’s most pressing conservation challenges. For years, the traditional focus in sustainability has been to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. If we’re going to create real change at the scale that matters, companies need to go beyond zero footprint and make a positive impact. I am excited to see that companies are leveraging their influence to make a significant impact not just on their own operations, but across their value chain. That’s why WWF is working with Walmart on Project Gigaton – an innovative new program to avoid one gigaton of emissions across their supply chain by 2030. We’ll share more about this at GreenBiz, and hopefully inspire more companies to join us!

What are you most excited to learn more about at GreenBiz18?

Circular economy is a buzzword these days, and there is a surge in interest in marine waste. I’m so glad these important topics are coming to the forefront and am excited to learn about the innovative and practical approaches business is beginning to take to approach the problem. We waste valuable resources each day. To extend the life of our natural resources, we need to develop a global system to capture and reuse materials in the marketplace. I’m excited to learn how companies are committing to solving the problem differently – like the new commitments by McDonald’s and The Coca-Cola Company on materials and waste. If we all work together, we can develop a more sustainable global system around materials and waste.

Where to see Sheila at GreenBiz 18:

Sustainable Solutions: Collaborating for Climate Change - Plenary
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 11:55am
Grand Saguaro North & South


Kerry Cesareo, Vice President, Forests

What are you most excited to share at GreenBiz 18?

I’m excited to talk about what companies can do, beyond sourcing materials from responsibly-managed forests, to create what we call a “forest positive” future—one where enough forest land and the right quality of forest land is conserved. And I want to share how our unique collaboration with Apple in China, as well as Apple’s journey toward a closed loop supply chain, has helped advance our thinking on how to get there.

What are you most excited to learn more about at GreenBiz18?

I’m excited to learn what other companies are doing to set and achieve science-based sustainability targets, how behavioral economics principles can be used to advance sustainability, and what I can do to advance diversity and inclusion in the sustainability movement. 

Where to see Kerry at GreenBiz 18:

Growing a Successful Strategy to Conserve the World's Forests - Breakout
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 4:00pm
Grand Canyon 10


Marty Spitzer, Senior Director, Renewable Energy

What are you most excited to share at GreenBiz 18?

There is incredible excitement surrounding We Are Still In, the movement of non-state actors to reiterate their commitment to the Paris Agreement’s goals, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with the GreenBiz community. For all the companies taking action on climate change, it's a great and critical time to add your voice to We Are Still In and the many states, cities, universities, businesses and faith groups pulling together in 2018 to demonstrate action. 

What are you most excited to learn more about at GreenBiz18?

I'm excited to learn about what’s cutting edge on the growing circular economy movement – a movement we must continue to advance to ensure we’re protecting our resources and our planet. 

Where to see Marty at GreenBiz 18:

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 8:30am
Grand Sonoran H

We Are Still In - Plenary
Thursday, February 8, 2018 – 11:40am
Grand Saguaro North & South


Pete Pearson, Director, Food Waste

What are you most excited to share at GreenBiz 18?

In today’s society, we waste an unprecedented amount of the food we produce – that takes a toll on our environment, our animals and even our wallets. It’s a problem we can solve, and one of the best ways to do so is to hear about accomplishments and advancements from friends and colleagues around the country. I look forward to adding to those conversations and creating new connections to generate new ideas for action.

What are you most excited to learn more about at GreenBiz18?

I’m excited to learn more about how sustainable food systems and sustainable agriculture is gaining momentum as a topic in the US and globally.

Where to see Pete at GreenBiz 18:

Cultivating Change in the Food System, from Farm to Fork - Workshop
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 1:30pm
Grand Sonoran J