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Korea or Bust!

  • Date: 10 April 2015
  • Author: Karin Krchnak, WWF; Greg Koch, The Coca-Cola Company

As we gather our schedule, briefing documents and lots of business cards to head to Korea for the 7th World Water Forum, we’ve also been gathering our thoughts—on what we hope to learn, see and achieve at the event. What can we learn from other cross-sector partnerships? Will we find new partners to work with us on solutions to global water challenges? How can we positively contribute to the dialogue?

While the first two questions will remain unanswered until we board our return flights, we do plan to robustly participate in many formal and informal conversations in Daegu and Gyeongju. For example, on Tuesday, April 14, WWF and Coca-Cola will host a Citizen’s Forum event: “Field-to-Boardroom: Uniting Boots and Suits Toward Meaningful Collective Action.” Bringing together critical actors from the field (“boots”) and the home office (“suits”), we will share best practices in addressing water-related challenges from our partnership experience, aiming to inspire and drive additional collective action benefiting nature, communities and business.

Speakers will include representatives from WWF, The Coca-Cola Company, NetWwater, U.S. Department of State, H&M, and many more.

With so many leading and influential voices from the water community, and policy and decision makers from around the world attending the World Water Forum, the opportunity to learn, partner and advance solutions for water is there. Will you be? Hope to see you soon in Korea!

Safe travels,
Karin and Greg

Karin Krchnak is the Director, Freshwater Program at WWF-US, and Greg Koch is the Senior Director of Global Water Stewardship at The Coca-Cola Company.