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About the WWF Climate Blog

  • Date: 01 June 2013
  • Author: Nick Sundt

Welcome to the WWF-US climate blog maintained by the staff of the WWF climate change program.

The blog provides us with the opportunity to communicate individually with you, and to do so directly and quickly (and we hope frequently!). We cover the full-range of climate change policy issues we work on, through postings arranged by category (see the menu in the right sidebar). Our posts prior to 1 June 2013 are available at their original locations on our archived site. If you wish to follow our blog regularly, subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking on the orange "subscribe" button in the right sidebar. 

Among the contributors to the blog are the following staff of the Climate Change Program:

  • Bryn Baker, Program Officer
  • Lynn Englum, Program Officer
  • Lou Leonard, Managing Director
  • Kevin Taylor, Program Officer
  • Brad Schallert, Program Officer
  • Nick Sundt , Director of Communications

See also the main climate change pages of the WWF Web site including:

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