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What’s Hot at COP20: 12th of December

  • Date: 12 December 2014

It’s the final official day of COP 20 in Lima, Peru and it’s crunch time for negotiators here in Lima. Here are the updates:

Our greatest concern and priority is on the lack of concrete actions to attack pre-2020 emissions necessary to limit warming to the shared goal of 1.5-2 degrees C. According to WWF's Head of Delegation, Tasneem Essop, “it seems that governments in Lima are happy to leave hard decisions on climate change to the governments of tomorrow. This is a recipe for a climate nightmare.” Read the rest of the statement.

Yesterday we heard from global leaders like US Secretary of State John Kerry, who warned of the consequences of inaction. Unfortunately, that political call has not been heeded by negotiators here in Lima. As Secretary Kerry said: “There’s nothing preordained about the course that we’re on, except habits – bad habits. The challenge that we face may be immense, but I can’t underscore enough: This is not insurmountable.” Read our statement on Kerry’s speech.


Momentum Is on Our Side

Despite our fears of inaction, momentum is on our side. Here is a great video from WWF France that shows the energy and force behind the #PeoplesClimate march that took place on Wednesday in Peru. Our collective voice is strong!