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What's Hot at COP21: Day 2

  • Date: 01 December 2015

On Day 1 at COP21, while world leaders expressed their concerns about the future of our planet, they also showed great optimism.

WWF believes that in order to maximize the outcome in Paris, a new global agreement should:

1. Create a plan to close the ambition gap, including finance and other support to accelerate action beyond current pledges;
2. Deliver support to vulnerable countries to limit climate impacts and address unavoidable damage;
3. Establish a clear long-term 2050 goal to move away from fossil fuels and to renewable energy and sustainable land use.

Forests were a big theme for day 2. Did you know that 31% of the world’s land surface is covered in forests? Although that sounds like a surplus of green, we’re losing them at a rate of 8 football fields every 10 seconds. Learn more about why forests matter and what forest owners right here in the US are doing to help fight climate change.

Additionally, today, more than 100 companies joined WWF in calling for climate action in Paris with a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. They pledged to continue efforts to ensure a just transition to a low-carbon, energy-efficient US economy. These companies represent a broad cross-section of driving forces behind the US economy: high-tech, energy, lifestyle, manufacturing, and food and beverage sectors. And combined, they represent more than $2.8 trillion in market capitalization.

Business Backs Low-Carbon USA

For more about how businesses can help spur progress in Paris and beyond, take a moment to read Suzanne Apple’s insights in this OnBalance post.

A low-carbon future continued as a hot topic of conversation, with African heads of state making a massive commitment through the African Renewable Energy Initiative. WWF’s Asrat Yirgu and Samantha Smith weighed in on the transformational announcement.

Stay tuned for more updates!