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Tigers, as a flagship species, play a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. When we protect tigers, we protect so much more than just this iconic species. Securing tiger landscapes can help protect critical watersheds and thousands of hectares of forest. In 2016, Warner Bros. Discovery (formerly Discovery, Inc.) joined the global effort to double the wild tiger population by partnering with WWF through their Project CAT (Conserving Acres for Tigers) campaign. Project CAT helps to ensure the continued success of WWF’s efforts to protect tigers.

Through this partnership, Warner Bros. Discovery has helped to fund nearly 7 million acres of critical tiger habitat, including the Transboundary Manas Conservation Area in India and Bhutan, Bikin/Sikhote Alin National Parks in Russia, and the Sundarbans Landscape in India. These are important areas for tiger recovery as well as other critical species. Warner Bros. Discovery’s support has helped further population monitoring, habitat management, enhanced protection, human-wildlife conflict management, community livelihood improvement, climate justice, and more.

Together, WWF and Warner Bros. Discovery are helping ensure tigers and other wildlife that share their habitat continue to have a future.

Our Impact

WWF’s Tiger conservation efforts in different regions supported by Project CAT.

Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (India and Bhutan)

Protecting tigers and other critical wildlife ...

Goal: Protecting tigers and other critical wildlife in 2 million acres across India and Bhutan


  • Tiger numbers have rebounded, with 60 being reported in India and 38 in Bhutan, in 2022
  • The introduced rhino populations in Manas have gone from 0 in 2008, to 50 in November 2021
  • With the support of Project CAT, low-cost solar powered fences have been provided to villages to reduce human-elephant conflict

Sundarbans Landscape in India

Protect around a million acres ...

Goal: Protect around a million acres in Indian Sundarbans.

Progress: Warner Bros. Discovery provided resources that supported these efforts, including high-tech anti-poaching tools for rangers, camera trap installations for monitoring tiger populations, maintenance of land corridors, and community education and engagement to manage human-wildlife conflict.

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