Central Australia

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    108,800 square miles
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Justification of Ecoregion Delineation
The Central Ranges Xeric Shrub ecoregion contains four IBRAs: ‘Burt Plain’, ‘MacDonnell Ranges’, ‘Finke’, and ‘Central Ranges’ (Thackway and Cresswell 1995). Vegetation includes mulga scrubland, grassland, and open woodland on sandridges and sandplains with highlands that include the ‘Central Australian Mountain Ranges’ Centre of Plant Diversity (Latz and Pitts 1995).

Latz, P. K. and B. Pitts. 1995. Central Australian Mountain Ranges. Pages 467 – 470 in S. D. Davis, V. H. Heywood and A. C. Hamilton. editors. Centres of Plant Diversity. Volume 2. Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific. WWF/IUCN, IUCN Publications Unit, Cambridge, UK.

Thackway, R. and I. D. Cresswell. editors. 1995. An Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia: a framework for establishing the national system of reserves, Version 4.0. Australian Nature Conservation Agency, Canberra.

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