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Kamchatka is comprised of boreal forests at mid-elevations at the valley of Kamchatka river on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. Called "Conifer Island" by Russians, it is the only significant coniferous forest on the Peninsula and represents the easternmost example of Siberian taiga forest. Biodiversity is lower here than on mainland Russia as the treeless depression of Parapolskii Dol functions as a biological barrier between the Kamchatka peninsula and the mainland taiga.

  • Scientific Code
  • Ecoregion Category
  • Size
    5,900 square miles
  • Status
    Relatively Stable/Intact
  • Habitats


Location and General Description

Biodiversity Features

Current Status

Types and Severity of Threats

Justification of Ecoregion Delineation
Ecoregion boundaries correspond to the southern taiga in the Kamchatka-Kurile province in Kurnaev’s (1990) forest map of the USSR. Taiga forests of Yeddo spruce and Kajander larch grow primarily in the Kamchatka River Valley (Knystautas 1987) between 1000-1200 meters. However, the ecoregion’s elevation tends to decrease in the south and west and increase in the north and east (Isachenko & Shliapnikov 1989).

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