West Siberian taiga

  • Scientific Code
  • Ecoregion Category
  • Size
    644,900 square miles
  • Status
    Relatively Stable/Intact
  • Habitats


Location and General Description

Biodiversity Features

Current Status

Types and Severity of Threats

Justification of Ecoregion Delineation
This is the vast coniferous forest ecosystem that extends from the Urals to the Yenisei River. In general, the ecoregion boundaries correspond to Kurnaev’s (1990) taiga in the Western Siberian province from the Ural Mountains to the Yenisei River. However, Kurnaev’s taiga east of the Yenisei River was attached to the East Siberian taiga ecoregion since the Yenisei is considered a significant biogeographic boundary in most sources. The Ural Mountains boundary was taken from Europe.

Kurnaev, S. 1990. Forest regionalization of the USSR (1:16,000,000) Moscow: Dept. of Geodesy and Cartography

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