Alix Grabowski

Director, Plastic and Material Science

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Alix’s work with WWF covers all aspects of packaging and material sustainability concerns, including biobased materials, plastic pollution, and circular systems. She endorses using a systems approach to packaging and material decisions, balancing all impacts and tradeoffs to achieve real environmental benefits.

Alix leads the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA), a coalition convened by WWF that seeks to advance knowledge on responsible sourcing of feedstocks for biobased plastics to encourage a more sustainable flow of materials, helping to create lasting value for present and future generations. Alix also leads ReSource: Plastic, WWF’s activation hub for companies tackling the plastic waste crisis. ReSource turns commitments to action by filling the ‘how’ gap.

Other aspects of her work include tackling such issues as ocean waste and cascading value, using LCA as a tool to drive improvement of environmental performance across a supply chain, and advising the private sector to set smart, impactful goals. Alix holds a BS and MS in Packaging from Michigan State University, where her graduate studies focused on Life Cycle Inventory Data Quality for Bioplastic Feedstocks.

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