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Brad Ack

Vice President and Senior Fellow, Fisheries

Brad Ack
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Brad Ack has a 30-year career spanning terrestrial and marine conservation, internationally and domestically. He currently focuses on accelerating the transition to sustainable fisheries within the WWF-US Oceans program, which he previously led for 4 1/2 years.

Throughout his career, Brad has worked on a wide range of conservation and sustainability initiatives across many geographies, biomes, and issues. In the State of Washington, he served two governors as executive director for Puget Sound clean up and recovery, leading a broad public-private partnership dedicated to restoring the Sound. Following that, he worked for the Marine Stewardship Council as regional director for the Americas, and then as global director of Strategic Initiatives.

He started his career at WWF working on the integration of community-based development with WWF’s protected areas work in Latin America, and also spent a decade in Flagstaff, Ariz., leading efforts for the Grand Canyon Trust towards sustainability of the Colorado Plateau ecoregion.

Brad holds an MS in international development from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and a BA in political science and international studies from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

“The oceans are a global heritage and fundamental to human and all other life on this planet. Our work to ensure their health and of all the marvelous life they contain is enormously challenging and hugely inspiring at the same time.”

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Media inquiries: News And Press Page


Vice President and Senior Fellow


• Georgetown University
• MS, International Development
• Macalester College
• BA, Political Science & International Studies

Areas of Expertise

• Oceans conservation and management
• Sustainable development
• Environmental and sustainability policy
• Fisheries sustainability
• Innovation and technology for conservation
• Governance