Christo Fabricius

Global Wildlife Lead Scientist, Global Science

Christo Fabricius
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Dr. Christo Fabricius has joined WWF's Global Science Team as the Global Lead Scientist for the Wildlife Practice. Christo's impressive career in landscape ecology and community conservation will be an incredible asset to WWF, our Global Science Team and the Wildlife Practice in building a sustainable future which supports healthy wildlife populations globally.

With 26 years' experience engaging with policy makers and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, he has held positions as Campus Principal and Head of the Sustainability Research Unit at Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, Science Director of the Resilience Alliance, Community Wildlife Management researcher with the International Institute for Environment and Development, and Specialist Scientist in government conservation agencies in South Africa. He also serves on several editorial boards and international science advisory panels.

Christo is a systems ecologist who specializes in the resilience of social-ecological systems at the interface of ecosystems and society. From an early career as a wildlife habitat modeler and landscape ecologist, his work has expanded to community conservation and in recent years to systemic approaches to wicked conservation problems.

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