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Emily McKenzie

Manager, Valuing Nature

Emily McKenzie
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Emily McKenzie joined WWF in 2008 and leads work on valuing nature and quantifying natural capital. That includes the Natural Capital Project, WWF’s flagship partnership with Stanford University, the University of Minnesota and The Nature Conservancy. Emily leads the Natural Capital Project’s work at the science-policy interface to ensure valuing nature approaches lead to better decisions. Emily supports efforts by business to enhance and restore natural capital through the Natural Capital Coalition and WWF’s partnership with the Coca Cola Company.

Prior to working with WWF, Emily worked for many years in the South Pacific and Caribbean. Vanuatu – where Emily worked for several years – ranked 136th in the world for GDP per capita but was rated the happiest country on the planet by the New Economics Foundation. Emily was struck by this disparity between economic growth metrics and what truly constitutes human happiness, and how nature contributes to people’s wellbeing. Her time working in small island nations inspired her to use economics to improve outcomes for both nature and people. Her earlier research led to nature's benefits being considered in decisions on black pearl farming in the Cook Islands, aggregates extraction in the Marshall Islands, coral reef protection in Bermuda and forest conservation in Montserrat.

“I gain happiness, health, security and inspiration from nature every day. I am committed to enabling decisions that ensure we all continue to reap those benefits from nature for generations to come.”

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• International Policy Studies MA, Stanford University
• Economics BA, Cambridge University

Areas of Expertise

• Environmental and ecological economics
• Environmental policy and planning
• Ecosystem service science in decisions
• Future scenarios


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