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Jeff Nelson

Deputy Director, Northern Great Plains Program, Wildlife Conservation

Jeff Nelson
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Jeff worked for nearly 30 years with Ducks Unlimited in both the U.S. and Canada, retiring from the organization as Chief Executive Officer at DU Canada. He joined World Wildlife Fund as Deputy Director for their Northern Great Plains program in 2012. Jeff has served on the boards of the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture, Northern Great Plains Joint Venture, Wildlife Habitat Canada, and Ducks Unlimited Canada.

He leads the Sustainable Ranching Initiative out of the Bozeman office in an effort to secure the future of ranching and while also improving the security and stewardship of grassland ecosystems under management. Jeff also assists with setting strategic direction for the overall program, underpinning it with solid science, and building support from a broad array of supporters. Jeff spends his free time hunting, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors with his family.

“I have always had a special love for North America‚Äôs Great Plains, its wide open vistas, the birds, and the plants and wildlife unique to the area. When people take in our big skies and experience the raw beauty, they understand. And they want to come back.”

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Deputy Director, Northern Great Plains Program


• MS, Wildlife Ecology, Utah State University
• BS, Wildlife Management, University of Minnesota

Areas of Expertise

• Strategic Planning
• Wetlands Ecology
• Waterfowl
• Birds
• Fundraising
• Public Policy