Laura Stone

Manager, Oceans Markets

Laura Stone
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Laura Stone is the Manager for Oceans Markets on the WWF-US team, leading new engagement with sectors impacting nature positive seascapes and ocean productivity and resilience, including marine renewables, coastal development, and shipping. Laura’s team strategizes market-based engagement with industry to mitigate impacts of these sectors on our oceans, seeking to strive for Nature Positive Business. Her work also includes supporting the launch of the SBTN Oceans Hub and advancing opportunities for Nature Positive Business blue finance mechanisms.

Prior to joining WWF, Laura worked for the Pew Charitable Trusts’ International Fisheries project where she focused on improving oversight and monitoring of high seas longline fishing and actively engaging market stakeholders to improve fisheries governance and build transparent supply chains. Laura has built several conservation programs to support National Marine Sanctuaries and local watersheds across the United States utilizing strategic and collaborative relationships with industry, fishermen, and other key stakeholders. Laura has a master’s in marine science from the University of South Alabama, Dauphin Island Sea Lab’s Fisheries Ecology Lab, and a bachelor’s in environmental studies from Dickinson College.

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