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Lindsay Bass

Manager, Corporate Water Stewardship

Lindsay Bass
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With Lindsay at the helm, WWF’s Corporate Water Stewardship initiative is leveraging private sector partnerships to conserve water resources and freshwater ecosystems. As the water stewardship lead for WWF-US, she develops and implements water strategies for corporate partners. Currently, she works with a variety of partners including The Coca-Cola Company, Starbucks, Levis and Ecolab on issues ranging from water risk assessments to collective solutions in river basins around the world.

For Lindsay, working with businesses is crucial to addressing the threats facing fresh water. “Water is the ultimate shared resource. No single entity can ensure the sustainability of freshwater resources,” she says. “In developing solutions to the challenges we face, we must work across sectors and traditional boundaries.”

Lindsay is involved in on-the-ground field work, policy advocacy, and stakeholder fora on water stewardship, including the CEO Water Mandate. She is an alternate on the World Water Council’s Board of Governors. Before joining WWF, Lindsay worked with Patagonia, Inc. on water footprinting and the launch of an international water campaign. She has written extensively on environment and trade issues.

“Water is the ultimate enabler of people, business and the natural beauty in this world. We are entering uncertain times that will see tremendous population growth and urbanization occurring against a backdrop of increasing climate change impacts. I can think of nothing more important to lend my efforts to than working with businesses to catalyze a new stewardship ethic that will help us ensure water for all and future generations.”

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  • B.A. in Marine Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz
  • M.S. in Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Water Stewardship
  • Water Risk Assessment
  • Water Footprinting
  • Water Opportunities and Innovations
  • Economics and Politics of Fresh Water
  • Collective Action in River Basins