Luis Iseppe

Senior Director, Strategic Corporate Engagement, Markets

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Luis Iseppe is an Civil Engineer and a former MBA teacher on Sustainability, with over 25 years of experience working for leading organizations in different countries and sectors, including: multilateral development banks, management consulting firms, international NGO's and executive positions for private sector companies. In the recent 5 years working for WWF, Luis is leading the Private Sector Leadership work in terrestrial commodities at CMI - Conservation and Markets Initiative, supporting companies in the US, EU, and South America to develop deforestation free supply chains for soy, beef and leather.

He has a multiple and diverse experience in ESG Advisory services, Strategic Planning, Product Development and International Partnerships Management. As a former Senior Officer at the World Bank/International Finance Corporation, he has provided capacity building and knowledge management to Investment Officers, Environmental Specialists and Advisory Teams from different regions, as well as assessment to companies on the IFC’s Performance Standards. Prior to that, Luis was a Strategic Planning, New Business development and Marketing Director for companies such as IBM and Accor Group.

Luis loves to travel to different countries and know other cultures. While in Washington DC, he likes to explore its beautiful parks, and (as a typical Brazilian) plays soccer with his sons.

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Senior Director, Strategic Corporate Engagement