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Mark Briggs

Senior Program Officer, Fresh Water and Rio Grande/Bravo Programs

Mark Briggs
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Mark became a full-fledged Panda in 2006 and leads WWF’s fresh water conservation response along the binational portion of the Rio Grande/Bravo (RGB).  In his 25-year professional career, Mark has been fortunate to work on many rivers in the southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico. His introduction to the RGB region (the portion of the river along the U.S.-Mexico border) was 12 years ago when WWF hired him as a consultant to begin developing a conservation response for this beautiful though degraded river. Previous to that time, he had never been to this part of the world, but was hooked immediately by the region’s cultural and bio-topographic diversity.


Prior to WWF, Mark worked on stream restoration projects with a variety of different agencies, communities, NGOs, and cultures, including the Little Colorado River (Arizona, U.S.), Santa Cruz River (Sonora, Mexico), San Pedro River (Sonora, Mexico), and the Colorado River Delta (Baja C.N., Mexico). His technical publications include a book on developing river restoration projects and numerous articles on restoration, monitoring, and natural resource research. Briggs sits on the editorial board of the international journal Restoration Ecology.  He is currently working on a stream restoration guidebook for practitioners that will be out in 2019. Other than restoring rivers, Mark lives to hike, bike, float rivers, and write. 

“I believe that a healthy environment equates to healthy people, and that providing clean fresh water in sufficient quantities for people and native ecosystems is the cornerstone challenge of our lifetime. I am inspired by the Rio Grande/Bravo and the people I work with on both sides of the international border, who have joined forces to protect this valuable fresh water resource in an atmosphere of binational collaboration that is built on trust and not walls. ”

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Senior Program Officer, Fresh Water and Rio Grande/Bravo Programs


  • MS Watershed Management, University of Arizona, with focus on stream restoration
  • BA Biology, University of Delaware

Areas of Expertise

  • Stream restoration
  • Cross-border, multi-sector collaboration
  • Community-based restoration response
  • Watershed prioritization
  • Biophysical monitoring