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Kathryn Fuller

Kathryn S. Fuller, former president and chief executive of World Wildlife Fund


The Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Fund supports and harnesses the most promising conservation science research and puts it into practice. Named in honor of the former president and CEO of WWF-US, the fund supports an annual Science for Nature Symposium featuring global leaders in science, policy, and conservation. Additionally, a regular seminar series provides a regular forum for the conservation community.



Making Better Decisions

Advancing evidence-informed decision-making in conservation

Identifying and implementing effective conservation is often argued to require the best available evidence. However, making evidence-informed decisions in conservation is not without challenges. In this series co-hosted by the Fuller Science for Nature program and the Alliance for Conservation Evidence and Sustainability, we will discuss the factors that shape how individuals and organizations make decisions in conservation and explore pathways for creating both the structures and culture that enable evidence-informed decision-making.

This five-part seminar series will invite participants to explore the diversity of thought within conservation and beyond for insights and ideas for how we can improve the science/knowledge/practice interface. Each seminar is designed to be a dialogue, inviting the speakers and listeners on a journey where we collectively explore how we can make more equitable and impactful decisions in service of a better future for all people and nature.

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Transforming Culture for an Evidence-Informed Future

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Dancing with Evidence

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Challenge Assumptions, Reckon With Failure

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What counts as evidence in conservation?

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Advancing evidence-informed decision-making: Lessons from health, education, and development

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What WWF Is Doing

2021 Fuller Symposium

Rivers to Reefs


Debates and decisions about food systems generally focus on agriculture and livestock. Yet, aquatic foods – fish, invertebrates, algae and aquatic plants captured or cultured in freshwater and marine ecosystems – play a central role in food and nutrition security for billions of people and are a cornerstone of the livelihoods, economies, and cultures of many communities.

On October 19, 2021, this symposium explored the science behind the potential of aquatic foods to play a central role in ending malnutrition and in building healthy, nature-positive and resilient food system.

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2020-2021 Fuller Seminar Series

Food: The Power is on your Plate

This series, jointly presented by WWF Food and the Fuller Science for Nature Fund, will feature a dozen experts from across the food system and explore some of the most pressing issues: from how to achieve healthy and nutritious diets for all, to the role of our oceans in providing food; from the importance of pastoral communities in Africa to the role of public-private partnerships. Join us as we discuss how to work together to deliver a sustainable future, in which everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.

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  • Kathryn S. Fuller Science for Nature Seminar Series

    WWF’s Science for Nature Seminars provide a regular forum for the conservation community to learn, discuss, network and inspire. The series seeks to advance the discussion of cutting edge research relating to critical topics in international conservation by featuring distinguished scientists from across the globe.

  • 2012 Fuller Symposium: Conservation Crime

    Global leaders shared their insights on the growing crisis of wildlife crime at the 2012 Fuller Symposium. The symposium was held on November 14, 2012 at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C.

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