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Reforestation Grants


By 2020, WWF and partners have strategies resourced and under implementation for enabling a landscape approach to inclusive development in at least 10 landscapes. In 2012, with support from The UPS Foundation, the Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program (EFN) launched the Reforestation Grant Program to fulfill this goal by supporting locally-based organizations working in WWF priority areas to plant, protect, and preserve trees. Together, these locally-led projects are helping to restore and reforest tropical areas of significant conservation value.

Click here for full guidelines and to access the online application.


Trees Planted

Since 2012, EFN supported the planting of more than 1,100,335 trees in 19 different countries.

What WWF Is Doing

With generous support from The UPS Foundation, WWF’s Reforestation Grant Program is helping to protect and restore tropical forests and the important wildlife that depend on these forests to survive. Explore the map below and click on the markers to learn more about the unique animals that call these forests their home!

Map of the world