Conner Youngblood

Headshot of Conner Youngblood
Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or [email protected]

CONNER YOUNGBLOOD was born and raised in Dallas and is currently based in Nashville. Youngblood has been a professional recording/touring musician for over 10 years. He crafts melodies through a wide range of obscure instrumental arrangements. Often centered around a specific place of natural landscape or human connection, his songs embody delicate, nuanced moments in nature and the introspection of these moments. Nature has played an important role in his inspirations and compositions. His songs such as “The Birds of Finland,” “The Badlands,” and “Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge” were all clearly written with nature in mind, the last one being commissioned by US Fish and Wildlife in support of the refuge. Music is just one of the many ways Youngblood hopes to support and bring attention to the natural world around us.