Elizabeth Sall

Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or [email protected]

ELIZABETH SALL is the founder of UrbanLabs LLC, an urban science and research consulting firm where she collaborates on a variety of federal and locally funded applied research projects to make cities more efficient, healthy and pleasant. She is also the founder of two nascent nonprofits: researcHQ.org, which will match grassroots researchers with funding sources and real world applications, and the Open Source Planning Initiative, which supports innovation, development, and sharing in open source planning software. Sall recently completed a six-year stint as the deputy director for technology, data, and analysis at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, where she evaluated infrastructure investments and policies using a collection of analysis tools more useful but less graphically pleasing than SimCity. In her spare time, she works as a board member of the Sall Family Foundation. She is happily exploring her new home turf in the Puget Sound region with her wife Sophie Hartshorn and their son.