Jennifer Sykes Harris

Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or [email protected]

JENNIFER SYKES HARRIS is a passionate conservationist, mental health advocate, and patron of modern and contemporary arts. Mother to three children, she is also an ardent supporter of mindfulness and kindness initiatives for children of all ages. She is cofounder of The Bedari Foundation, which invests in programs that further her family’s mission of helping to solve mental health and environmental issues. In partnership with safari company Singita, The Bedari Foundation supports the Karingani Reserve, a 350,000-acre sanctuary in Mozambique—just one of the projects that the foundation has been proud to bring to fruition. A highlight of Harris’ work on WWF’s National Council has been partnering with the Royal Government of Bhutan on the historic conservation initiative Bhutan for Life. This project ensures that Bhutan will protect its natural resources and will be used as a role model for other countries that want to examine their environmental impact. She is also dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the poaching of endangered species. Harris is on the board of New York’s Public Art Fund (PAF). Consistent with her belief that art should be available to all, PAF enables New Yorkers and tourists alike to view the works of both emerging and established artists free of charge. With PAF, she supported the exhibit Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by the renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei. Harris worked in Corporate PR at Condé Nast Publications and at Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. She graduated from Parsons School of Design.