Joel Treisman

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JOEL TREISMAN is a nature-lover, a tree-hugger, an outdoor adventurer, an environmental advocate, and an enthusiastic philanthropist. He has a passion for exploring the connection between the well-being of our planet and human psychological and emotional well-being. Treisman is an expert in the psychology of wealth and a positive psychology practitioner. He is founder and president of From Wealth to Wisdom, which provides individual coaching, family facilitation, and organizational change consulting to clients in the US and abroad. Treisman holds degrees from Yale (master’s, public and private management), University of Pennsylvania (master’s, applied positive psychology) and Stanford (BA, political science). He is a certified individual and organizational coach (Hudson Institute of Coaching) and an alumnus of the prestigious CORO Foundation Fellowship in Public Affairs. He credits his late grandfather (Joe Cullman, 3rd) for his love of the outdoors and passionate support of WWF and other organizations dedicated to protecting our environment and resources. Treisman lives in Westport, Connecticut, and spends as much time as possible at his family home deep in the Adirondack woods.