Judith A. Waterman

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JUDITH A. WATERMAN became interested in conservation during her first trip to Africa with her husband and school-age children in 1976. On her second Africa trip a number of years later—this time with her husband, Russell and Aileen Train, and Roger and Vicki Sant—her interest became a passion, and with it came a consuming curiosity, and respect for and involvement in the work of WWF. Almost all of Waterman’s early career was performing on stage, radio and TV, singing and dancing the leads in such shows as Oklahoma, Finian’s Rainbow, and Kismet for regional audiences in Colorado and California.  In more recent years she served as chair of the advisory board for the College of Music at the University of Colorado, where she holds an undergraduate degree in music education and continues to be an active and contributing alumnus. In the 1970s, Waterman did graduate work in psychotherapy at Cairnmiller Institute in Melbourne, Australia, and completed her master’s degree in counseling education at San Jose State University. Afterward, she started her own business in career counseling and life planning and became the founder and CEO of the Career Management Group as well as a founding director of MindSteps, Inc., a web-based assessment and career management organization. In her counseling practice, she worked with individuals to promote both their professional development and their non-career fulfillment; in her organizational practice, she helped combine company productivity with individual motivation. Waterman is the author of several computer programs, many publications, and one best-selling book on test interpretation. These days she is actively retired. Her time is invested in cultural and adventure travel, singing, interior and garden design, scuba diving, hiking, skiing, golf and, of most importance, quality time with family—two children and their spouses, all working on environmental causes, and four grandchildren, all budding environmentalists.