Mike Pejcic

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Mike Pejcic
Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or [email protected]

MIKE PEJCIC, chief financial officer, is responsible for all aspects of the finance, accounting, information technology, facilities, program operations, and treasury departments. He is passionate about helping organizations achieve their strategic goals and is committed to principles of integrity, accountability, and collaboration. Prior to joining WWF, Pejcic was the chief financial officer at International Youth Foundation. He also served as CFO for an international peace-building organization in Geneva, Switzerland, for nearly 10 years. Other experience includes overseeing global finance operations for Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon, and Habitat for Humanity International in Americus, Georgia. Early in his career, Pejcic focused on helping refugees fleeing conflict, working in Ivory Coast, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and South Africa. That experience taught him the importance of listening to local voices, ensuring that actions are locally owned, and that context matters. When he is not at work, he serves on the board of a Boston-based peacebuilding organization and enjoys spending time with his family. He received a BBA from Andrews University in Michigan and an MBA from University of Westminster in London.