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Stephen J. Luczo

Chairman, Seagate, Technology

STEPHEN J. LUCZO was elected chief executive officer (CEO) and appointed as a member of Seagate's board of directors in 1998, later becoming chairman of the board in June 2002. In July 2004, the company separated the roles of chairman and CEO with Luczo continuing to serve as chairman of Seagate’s board of directors. In January 2009, Luczo returned as president and CEO. Previously, Luczo was president and chief operating officer with overall operating responsibility for Seagate’s disc drive development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, component and quality organizations. Luczo joined Seagate in 1993 as senior vice president of corporate development. He was responsible for a number of strategic acquisitions and equity investments for Seagate, including the company’s merger with Veritas in 2000, which resulted in the privatization of the company. Prior to joining Seagate, Luczo spent 10 years in investment banking. During this period, Luczo acted as an advisor to Seagate on numerous transactions. Luczo earned an MBA at Sta nford University, where he also received a BA in economics and psychology. He is active in philanthropic endeavors, and is passionate about sports and the creative arts. He is a member of the advisory board for All-Stars Helping Kids.