Editor's Note: Close to home

I love food, I love wildlife, and I love online shopping. (OK, I hate shopping, but I do really enjoy the convenience of doing it online.)

So this issue feels especially close to home.

Food production is a leading cause of environmental destruction, but we all need to eat. We share WWF’s recipe for limiting food waste—on farms, in hotels, in schools, and in shops—to help each of us stop throwing nature’s bounty away.

Growing up, three of my favorite animals at the National Zoo were Asian elephants, tigers, and orangutans. Today, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, WWF is driving an ambitious plan to save one of the only places on Earth where those species are still found in close proximity in the wild.

And we detail the launch of a globe-spanning online coalition that is using volunteers, computer algorithms, and good oldfashioned sleuthing to help shut down the sale of wildlife parts online.

Pretty cool stuff, I have to admit. And all stories that hit close to home.

How does our work connect to you?

Alex MacLennan
[email protected]

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