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Arctic Photos by Florian Schulz

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Barren ice fields: that’s the image typically brought to mind by the Arctic.

But this ecologically valuable landscape is actually teeming with life and movement, from migrating birds and whales to caribou and polar bears. And few have documented the many faces of this vast biome as extensively as award-winning wildlife photographer Florian Schulz. “It’s important that people can understand the magic of the place,” says Schulz. “Most people aren’t able to visit these remote areas in person, but they can take a visual journey there through my photos.”

Schulz has teamed up with the Anchorage Museum for Florian Schulz: To the Arctic, an exhibit that helps bring the vast north to life and shed light on the importance of protecting it. “The natural world is far more interconnected than we think. The best scenario is to keep areas—especially biologically rich spots such as the areas we call the ‘Arctic Jewels’—as free from human impact as possible.”

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